The Subject

I've been interested in the words work and play for some time, how they relate to each other and what they say about our culture and how they change our perspectives. I've wanted to write something, but I haven't. Ideas had been running through my head and I wanted to get them out. So I had a think of how to do this.

The Method

I'm aware that almost every blog post I've written over the years has later felt naive. Digital content has the character of feeling always up-to-date. This is due to it's (oh so) editable nature and real timeness of the web. I think this helps and harms our perception of digital content. The danger is that one assumes that all digital content is up to date and this is of course, nonsense. So... everything I ever wrote which I later decided I was wrong about is held there as a testament to my current belief which could over time change dramatically

I wondered if I could write something about work and play and define the thoughts right there in the moment. So that when I wrote it, it would be wrong but there would be an immediate acknowledgement of that fact.

I had always liked the idea around the writing of On The Road by Jack Kerouac. It was always told that he wrote it non stop, as a stream of consciousness on one scroll. However true that is, it's an intriguing idea.

The thought occurred to me that if I bought a small note book and attempted to fill it in one pass, with all my thoughts on the nature of the relationship of the words; work and play, then that act would be defined in pen at that time. There would be mistakes, crossings out, bad grammer, poor spelling and bad sentence construction. There would be no planned chapters or proper structure but it would be coming straight from my head onto the page with no notes and no edits. Pure, even if a bit chaotic. It would be wrong or naive, as I'm sure I will later learn but it would also be dated and fixed in that moment of writing.

The Result

So that's what I did on May 1st 2013 in a little cafe in Istanbul. As long as you can read my hand writing and put up with my terrible punctuation then it should take about 10 minutes to read.

Some good stuff, some mindless nonsense, ok a lot of nonsense. I suppose that is standard practice for streams of consciousness.  It was quite raw and pure though and in a way quite pleasing to not finesse something so much as to take away from the initial sketch of the ideas. Just get the bad drawing out there and see how it feels.

Anyway, so that's finished now. It definitely taught me something about work and play, so goal achieved, perhaps.

I'm pretty obsessed with the nature of creativity so I'm sure I'll try another similar project soon enough.