I'm not very fond of money, as a piece of culture or an idea. Despite helping us become far more organized as a race I can't help thinking its done a pretty good job of corrupting us over time.

Usury is a good example of this, believed by many to originally purely relate to the making of money, from money. Once a hangable offense and now the biggest business on the planet. Laws change when there is money to be made. Lobbyists could tell you that.

I'm very intrigued by the idea of value and worth and the very subjective and irrational behaviors they foster. Worth, relating to standards: your house is worth $500,000. Whereas my grandfathers watch doesn't work and is scratched but is very valuable to me. These words get muddled around in common parlance but from what I understand this is how they are meant to relate.

Value is very intriguing, subjective and tied to moments of madness. As a chiId, I can remember trading 30 odd Garbage Pail Kid stickers for the one I needed. The one card may or may not have been rare, but if it meant completing my collection it had a high value to me. This idea of personal value will of course alter over time and context. Things that were once precious to me might no longer be precious and other items have grown in value according to what they mean to me now. My diving log book, a cheap note book, contains details and history that I can't remember. The book has no monetary worth to anyone else, but I might easily pay a couple of hundred dollars to get it back if I lost it. It has value to be.

A lot of the foundations for value and worth tie into what we had before money, namely trade. Trade is fascinating. Studies have shown that in many rural areas, trade amongst the community still holds true and replaces money frequently in day in many transactions. Of course, trade works better when everyone has quantifiable transactional skill-sets, such as farmer, stone mason, fisherman and carpenter.

Trade, as in the exchange of goods and services, in our current world has quite a tough time of it. I had been wanting to try and sell products, things, on this site for some time and had been toying with what I could offer. It wasn't really about making money, more about having a little shop to maintain and push things at the world. It was intriguing to me but the monetary side of it kept putting me off.

It occurred to me that I could set up a trading post. Essentially, I'd list what I had to offer and I would also list what I wanted in exchange. The items I listed as wanted in exchange the buyer would have to find. If the buyer (trader) could find the object of my desire for a cheap price (or free) then that would be their win.

The things I have up for trade are over here.



I seriously doubt that I shall have a large number of trades, if any! This site is hardly Reddit. But this whole website / project is for my musings and experiments and this is just one of many silly ideas that I want to play with to see what I can learn.