I own these things.  They are all open for trade (click an image to view). For each item there exists another item (or a choice of items) that I would like in exchange for it. If you can find an item that I desire for a very cheap price (or free), then the benefit is yours.


Alpha stage

This is all very new, I just threw it out there. So because of that it's likely I've missed some hugely important piece of information. Feel free to let me know!


If there's something you want then contact me (below) and we can begin. Don't just send an exchange item to me incase someone else is doing exactly that at the same time (however unlikely that may be).


You're paying for the postage on the item I'm receiving so I'm covering the postage for an item to get to you. If you live in Australia, then that's my problem.

Second Hand Items

Yes, you can send second hand things. But I'd like things that still look good and still function. If in doubt, ask!

Other Items

You have something else to trade instead of what I have listed? Sure, I'd be interested in hearing what you have to offer. Contact me below.