the tantramar collection (the back room) 


This page is about the backroom stuff that'll get done while working on the branding and ideas for the collection. People never show this stuff, so I thought I would. I'm not a brilliant graphics guy, so lots of it will be rubbish and I may get help where needed. I know what I'm chasing though, so here will be the early stages of that.

Above are some sketches for a logo I need to make for a bag I'm toying with. I want it hand drawn, that's important. It needs to look a bit shitty, but the right amount of shitty is very hard to get right. 

The hand drawn alphabet was part of this too. Do I need my own font? Akin to Stussy. I've always liked how alphabets looked.  And no, the oxymoron of creating a hand-drawn alphabet is not lost on me. It's something I'm already exploring over on another project. (Link TBD)

I've also been exploring hand drawn elements in crayons, which of course look great when they're blown up and blown out a bit.  The thin black line treatment, stacked in a group of nine is what I used as an an intro on this site to the collection.

The black crayon logo I did very quickly (perhaps obviously). Sometimes though doing this at pace produces the best results. Thinking often slows the hand and over complicates the design.

The white marker text on black is an idea to grace the bottom of T shirts and bags. I quite like it so I might try and get some embroidered to test it out. I've also been playing a lot with braille recently, that's the white dots on black.

While thinking about the Braille idea for another project I started thinking more about the possibility of using Braille for the actual label. This could be really nice as I'm not so fond of extreme branding on clothing and accessories.


The next step is to try and get some embroidered labels made up.