January 1st 2015

This project was something that was in progress, mentally, incubating for the second half of last year. 

I spent quite some time thinking about what I wanted to have, to make and to hold up, be proud of and to be accountable for. I thought I understood this fully. I was wrong. I think now I am closer and I'm simply calling this a design studio. Not an incubator, which was my initial thought.

I don't need any baggage at this point, so as open as possible is what I must be. I'm mulling over the manifesto of sorts, so that will go here when I'm ready.

Currently it looks like there will be three digital things released this year.

Q1 - Little Voices iOS mobile application (currently in Beta)

Q2 - A mobile music player (a joint venture, in development)

Q3 - A mobile game (a joint venture in the midst of design)

The website is over here.

That's all for now...