I had this idea years ago, then forgot about it and then something sparked it off in my head a couple of weeks ago.

There's something I really like about projectors. Something about the idea that they are always projecting. Projectors always felt to me that they projected magic - images of places far way. I think projectors pushing out their colored light are magical things. Pure joy.

I liked the idea of having your pictures, (or perhaps any pictures) projected outwards in an explosion of image, like a projector bomb. I was pretty sure getting focus on all the images wouldn't be possible in a small product like a lamp, but still, I'm staying curious. So I set forth to explore.

I got a hold of some old Kodachrome slides from eBay, these ones very old ones from the 1960s and of course the John Cale LP image rattled through my mind. I wondered if this was a trigger all along...


This turned out pretty much as I had envisioned, obviously a test. The masking tape help it together but in a flimsy way. I used a basic bulb and fixture positioned inside a cut plastic (take out) curry tub (after it had been washed). Clearly this too needs a bit more thought.

But all in all this proves the concept I think. Time to build something stronger than masking tape. 


The frame was pretty simple. It simply needed to have vertical and horizontal beams to attach the slides to.


And it needed to be white. At least I thought it needed to be white.


So some of this works very nicely. I'm using a very basic wall lamp that was very cheap to produce the light inside. I don't like that you can see the lamp base and I don't like that you get a yellow light bleed underneath the lamp, so I'm going to fix that.


So I fixed it. Well I fixed what I thought needed fixing. I now see that perhaps i wasn't right in my assessment. This V1 works pretty well. The light is nice and it's compelling as an object. I think in hindsight some of the light bleed underneath the lamp is a good thing.

Anyway, this is done for now. I'm going to consider whether I make a multiple of this thing or not, which is an idea running around my head. We'll see.