I love displays of things. In shops, in books, in galleries or in people's houses. How and why people group and organize for functional or aesthetical purposes is intoxicating to me. You learn a lot about what makes people tick by how they organize things.

I used to live in London and during the 1990s I'm fairly certain the best record shop for new records was Rough Trade in Covent Garden (RIP). They had this practice (as many do) of putting new records on the wall. It was a small wall so the things that made the cut you knew were things that you should know about or at least listen to. I miss this wall. They curated it very very well.

I had been thinking for a while about to how record my current listening as I do my current (or recent) reading. I have tried to do this in a few ways but it's never really worked out that well. Over the years of taking pictures of my books I've become very interested in the digital recording of the analog. There are an increasing number of applications and services appearing that are trying to decipher tricky things like wine names from labels (for example) to help people record information casually and without the need for typing.

One of my big issues with digital filing systems is that they don't trigger memories. For example seeing the spines of my books in my house reminds me of those books. The same is true of records. We're very visual animals, physical first, so seeing is often the starting point for decisions and choices. I decided that a mini record wall of my own would be a good way of seeing what I hadn't listened to enough and recording for myself (and possibly others) what I was enjoying.

I knocked one together fairly quickly and while it works pretty well, it might need a color upgrade if I'm to live with it for a while. You can see my month by month (record) listening over here.


I decided to paint the board yellow and it was down for several days while it dried and I applied more coats. When it wasn't there, I missed it. If you own records, you want one of these in your house, trust me.