So, no news in ages...

I launched an iOS application: Little Voices. More here:

I also crated a small set of some of the Lomo accidents that have occurred over time that I like. Small project I suppose, but hopefully it'll grow:

I've also started working on a start up that has early stage funding. Not live or anything like that yet. More news later.

There are also some very long textiles projects in action. Lots of work has been done and it's coming to a head. It's just not there yet... Maybe another 2 months...

New Project Live

This is just a little baby project. But still, I enjoyed it, so all worthy. There's one last comic book project to come to round off the set of three. Maybe take a while to get to it though!

Mini News

I'm no longer going to post Music updates and Reading updates here. It feels pointless. They are still happening, but you know, just not happening here.


I updated the listening wall. Here.

Four Color Print Process

Following swiftly on from my (mini) comic book sounds language (visual study) I've started another one of a similar nature. This time about the little background characters, often overlooked. I only have about 25 right now. When I get to around 40 I'll throw them all up.


I'm glad I'm still forcing myself to write these down. Just added two more. The full set is here.


So, yes, woefully quiet here. Things are moving at pace in the background though. 

The Little Voices (iOS) application (in theory) is in the final build. The (phase 1) visual design has been completed for B.P. (an iOS music product). And the first builds are appearing for Print Job (name TBD) a game in development (iOS, Android & Windows). 

November Reading

A pretty good month, December will have trouble keeping up with this bunch. Details over here.


Things are busy, that's why the website is quiet!

Lots of business on the digital front currently. Little Voices (an IOS application) should be complete this month. And a music player that's in progress should be out in late December hopefully.