To the left is the first flyer for Tantramar, a club night I set up with the illustrator Miles Donovan in London, in 2002. I say club night, but really it was pretty hidden away and mostly the people that came to Hat On Wall in Farringdon were people that we'd invited or people that knew about the venue. We never made any money from it and didn't charge entry or anything like that. That wasn't our aim.

As you might imagine from that remark, It wasn't very serious. It was mainly about being silly and enjoying yourself. We had a few famous DJ guests now and then, but for the most part it was a select set  of family DJs. One of the main reasons for doing it was the fact that we couldn't find that many places playing interesting or fun party music. I think we did a reasonable job of doing both of those but perhaps I'm slightly biassed. We played Country, Ragga and everything in-between.

Some time after this I started doing a variety of silly side projects to amuse myself and I realized that really I was still chasing this idea of being playful and doing things for the sake of doing things. Purely for my amusement and inspiration. That's why I decided to call this website the Tantramar project because I suppose in one way or another I'm always trying to find things that inspire me or interesting ideas to experiment with while keeping things playful.

I consider the things you do with no real benefit or consequence, to be some of the most important. I think it's crucial to spend time poking sticks at things to understand what are the questions that I've not thought of yet.

On this website it’s my ambition to not only display the fruits of my self initiated work (however moldy that may appear) but also how and why I did what I did. Leaving myself partially exposed, showing my stupidity and naivety perhaps, but the arrogant explorer discovers nothing. I believe that process should be flexible, always changing, always evolving, always teaching. 

As a designer, how can you improve, if you don't explore. As they say, smooth seas does not good sailors make.