the making of:

Remember, everyone sees something different


The idea here is really about a change in perspective that can show something different. The classic what's on a man's mind is quickly recalled.

I wanted to show something that could spell out a phrase via a perspective change. I thought lots about light changes creating new shadows and the obvious scenarios like that but I felt like a lot of those kinds of ideas had been done. 

I wanted a really different change so the two elements were completely different. Similar to the way someone feels when they see a sports jersey. Is it your team, or your opponents team, or do you hate sports? All very different view points.

I then thought about maps and cities. I was reminded of once when in Dubai, I was trying to find a certain district and my Indian taxi driver couldn't find it. I showed him my map and he looked at me blankly. I can't read that he replied in perfect English. He used what he saw everyday as his guide, not what the birds see.


Maps are strange things from a logic perspective. They weren't invented for navigation. We don't use ariel views to see the city but we use them to navigate. The way we use them to navigate is completely unrelated to how we see the world. It's very intriguing. Anyway, I started thinking about a city and the view of the city from above. What if I made a model city of sorts, but maybe something that was only partly a city, a slight abstraction of a city.

So a city made of colored blocks. That could look great. 


I made some little boxes and made a quick and dirty video test to see if the idea held any water.

So shaky camera work aside, this was going to work and maybe even work nicely.  The big problem I could see immediately though, was the fact that one letter required 4 small boxes. If each letter required 4 boxes, that's 152 boxes all in. The thought of making 152 boxes was not immediately appealing to me. If each one took 20 minutes, that's 50 hours! I started to think about what else I could use. Pre-made boxes? Something box shaped. I wanted a miniature city. I could buy model houses but they felt somehow not very charming and a bit like an advertisement. I felt the same way about something like Monopoly houses and hotels. Then I started thinking about Chewits.


 I remembered the old Chewits ad with the big Godzilla knock off who was eventually more satisfied eating Chewits than buildings. And then I started thinking about this little talk I had watched on It's nice that by Kate Moross. It was about sweets and candy wrappers and how colorful they were. Not amazing but I started to dwell on the idea of a city made of chocolate bars and bright cardboard packaging. It would look amazing. And best of all, everything would be made of cuboids!