the Making of:

The simple things aren't always simple 


I had the idea ages ago of using hole punched circles to say things. Little dots of color little pixels, that were handmade and almost the same, but not. I thought that they would look best on black, making the color pop the hardest. So I designed a little color dot alphabet so I knew how each letter might look and how the spacings would work.


Then I shot the alphabet on black as a test and made a mini animation. 


The main problem was that the background had no character and shot from above I could just have made the whole thing on photoshop with a frame animation. I had wanted to get the black really flat, but it kinda made the stop frame element pointless. So I thought I should try a little tilt on it and also put the dots on some texture. The colors wouldn't pop as hard but they might be more interesting. So I tried it on wood and quite liked it.


With the previous attempt from above everything was in focus, with the additional slight angle there was some distortion. This presented the real world touch that I was after.