Making of:

This project is really comprising of two ideas. One was about creating the building blocks of life as I saw them and the other was trying to complete a project in one day and documenting it automatically as I went.




I got all the materials ready - the 6 pieces I had chosen and I ordered the wood to be cut. 

I also want to point out I made one test (pictures below) in advance of the main day - I got 9 small blocks as a test. I needed to learn important things such as did the paper take well to the blocks, did the glue leak out. Did the sash clamp make it harder or easier then a wooden frame might. As it goes, from the test I learned that you have to apply the glue to the wood not to the paper. Otherwise the glue comes out and rips the paper when adding a second piece of paper. Each cube would require hand touching up at the end getting glue in to secure the edges.

I also knew I had 6 pictures to glue. With this test I started thinking that I might spend 10 minutes prepping, 20 minutes for the glue to dry and then easily 15 minutes tidying up the cubes. This was dangerously close to an hour. So 6 hours working! Aside from tea breaks, lunch, collecting the wood and tidying up, this was starting to look like a very long hard working day. The solution might be glue to pages at a time. So not saving on each pass. But saving 1 hour on glueing time in total. This felt like a good plan.