This is my house and this is where I walk every morning to the bathroom.

I need to do more exercise and having worked on (for quite some time) a Start-Up about about motivating people to do exercise I understand the requirements for behavior change, even though I've not managed it myself yet! Well, it's tricky. I knew I needed to start with some small steps. I knew if I could remind myself (in the right way) I could do some small basics and you know, take one step at a time (almost literally).

Obviously a bigger step is needed, such as gym membership or cross fit or something. But I also understand the mental hurdle is the hardest.

I'd had this idea about hanging a sign here for sometime (maybe 6 months) but not done it. You see how lazy I am! So New Years Day, I put it up and what do you know, the sunlight in my kitchen made the cardboard unreadable... in the morning when I would see it. Fail. So I tried again, cutting out the letters out of the cardboard. Painting with light as Matisse strived for and Turrell succeeded at. Much more successful now.

My thinking was that I would do 10 pull ups, 10 sit ups and 10 push ups every morning and then take that number upwards, once 10 was easy. I can do 10 of each of those now but I'm simply not. The mental hurdle biggest the biggest one. 

I'm also borderline obsessed with sign painting as a skill and an aesthetic and I want a sign that I need to paint for practice. So this felt like a good idea.

I have an awful lot going on so I'm trying to set realistic goals and hope to have the first sign done by March. I'm going to list progress so failure becomes more embarrassing.

Charting the Progress

First progress report at the start of Feb...