Some time back i did a very quick and dirty exercise around designing some felt tip textiles.

While the results were mixed I was definitely curious to try and do it again with perhaps a little more consideration.

I had bought some Copic pens while traveling in Japan and they proved pretty nice to work with. I started doing random sketches in a sketch book. Then I found a gridded small book I'd had for years that was half used. I decided to finish it with geometric felt tip textile patterns. After I had completed one I was quite into it.

The problem was that the sketch book was tiny and the drawings would take a couple of hours each, but I persevered.

To begin with, I was very interested in simple patterns but quickly as I completed more I become more intrigued by the layered patterns. The ones where some parts seemed to be above others. Some of them almost appeared to be architectural layouts of cities or housing projects.

This idea stuck with me, the idea of three dimensional textiles. What did that mean? What could that look like? What would a three dimensional textile cover?

All these sketches were made with the same pens that I had bought in Japan. I'm pretty sure there are 11 colors. So all the images use the same tones.

By the time I had finished the book I had 24 small sketches. This is what you can see in the slideshow to the right. They made a nice little set.


Then while I was scanning them, this happened (above)

Almost the opposite effect. The colors bleed on to each other, where it's hard to make out a crisp pattern in the way the ones above create. 

Each image is two separate images with simply different opacities. In places the images fail completely and in other places, take on tones the patterns that are a little bit magical.

I'm going to do something else with these, but I'm not entirely sure what yet.

After I had done this I started to wonder what one of these original drawings (in this style with the felt pens) might look like as a repeat pattern. 


So I set to work making a larger image. This took a lot of time. I have completed two so far. The first is below.

I'm not sure how many hours this took, but lets just say more than a couple. I was pretty pleased. so I thought I'd try another one based off of one of the earlier patterns, specifically #18. That one came out in a similar way. 

This was essentially a repeat version of something I was having produced into a blanket which you can see here (hopefully in September). This pretty much wraps up this project except for that fact that it's pushed me towards to idea of potentially trying to create a wallpaper design.

This way of making patterns also inspired this little project.