For quite some time I been a pretty huge fan of Dazzle Camouflage. The whole idea was both insane and complete genius. It's that kind of thinking, that inspires me the most. The type of thinking that I cherish, that I search out and that I believe makes us who are are. The ability to search out in the improbable, the tangentially bizarre or risky.

While I've been interested in Dazzle for years I had only recently become aware of the WWII field desks that had been made to allow officers to work in the field (see image). These desks seem ludicrous - heavy, bulky and very inefficient.

So naturally perhaps, I thought they were brilliant. Very typically old school - build it big and strong for an officer to feel important, ignore practicality of transportation, or scale - a man MUST have a desk.

So I thought I would seek one out but since I'd become obsessed with painting things I decided to customize it.

Painting this with a Dazzle pattern really did not make any specific sense. Although part of me imagined an officer using this on deck of a Dazzle ship. These field desks come in two sizes, I chose one of the slightly smaller ones. I chose it as I can't fit another desk in my house. I can however, fit a coffee table. The box which will now be a coffee table was a nightmare to paint. Anyway.