I've seen lots of stupid coffee films on YouTube and mini 'odes to process'. None of them are shot well or visually interesting and they feature a bad voiceover. I'm pretty into coffee and just moved onto cloth filters (which are much better for reference). As a little study of a process and to improve my feeble film making skills I thought I'd have a play at making a (very) short coffee film.

The first mistake I made was diving right in, taking some pictures and filming a few locked off shots. I learned things but I really had no plan or theme and I was pretty much just wasting time.


Then I made some notes, thought about process, made a preliminary shot list and made the little diagram below.


Amusingly I realized I'd created a theory for relating the elements. Being a service designer has warped my thought process substantially it seems! And then I created a loose timeline for the film based on the shot list and the (above) theory. And what do you know, it's the outline of a service blueprint. Good grief. Automatic programming in effect!


This is only a loose pass and things always change, but it gave me a plan for flow, pace and basic narrative. Essentially there will be multiple concurrent activities and the camera will cut at pace between them showing the gradual progress of the filter draining the preparation water, the beans being ground and the kettle boiling.


From the basic narrative I drew out a little basic storyboard.

Then I thought I'd do a quick animation of what it might look like to see how it felt.