I'm always intrigued by those shops you come across that are closed on Mondays, or Tuesdays or some other random day. I wonder about this. Do they have no business on that day? Can they not find staff, or can't afford or justify more staff?

Those please come back later signs are a bit annoying. And those gone surfing signs, make your soul sink if you've made a trip to the boutique in question. I find it particularly funny that these physical worlds haven't quite merged with the online yet.

There are shops that I want to visit that keep very obscure hours and it's near impossible for me to find out if they are open before hand. Conversely, online if a site goes down people erupt on Twitter and lose their minds. It's even become a way for new services struggling to compete to get an instant increase of a market share. For example, when Whats App goes down Telegram (or whoever) gets a boost. This transience is amazing.  

It's almost as if the immediacy of the internet has changed our perception of loyalty and patience. Time will tell I suppose.

So with this randomness in mind, I thought I would close my website on Mondays, purely from the perspective of seeing how it feels. This is obviously completely counter-intuitive to how the internet works and especially with a tool like a personal website which is almost purely self promotion. I'm doing it anyway.

Perhaps I'll review this in a few months to see if I've learned anything thorough this silly experiment.