After the textiles too project I was keen to translate one of the textile designs into an actual textile design. I had found someone who had agreed to crochet a large blanket so I had a production opportunity I wasn't going to waste.

I reviewed the old designs and took one (as shown) that i could slightly adapt to enable the design to work slightly better as a blanket. A lot of rugs and blankets work best with a mandala style pattern or in stripes or check motif. I thought I'd alter the design to attempt stripes with a central fixture as well. 

There were some parts of sketch #18 I thought I could improve upon.

I created a repeat pattern of the blanket to see how well it might scale. I clearly didn't need this, but I was curious, so I did it anyway.

Then sample making began where different knitting styles were tried to work out scale and stitch.

insert blanket tests...

And once I had the design more or less locked down i had to find wool, in the right tones and a brand that had the tones i wanted. I consulted with my expert blanket maker for the right choices to make.


A few images showing the progress, step by step.