This is me, Charlie Gower. I'm a designer of sorts living in New York. I have founded a small design studio called Sunday Hunches. It's very early days. We made an iOS app and are currently working on some textile designs. 

This place is my personal site. Here you'll find a collection of things and ideas I’m exploring to ponder and make mistakes on. Here's an indication of how I think and here's some books I've been consuming.


This website essentially contains a set of little explorations. By and large they are not for anyone in particular and they bring me no direct financial gain, usually the opposite. They are merely ideas in the service of me that take the form of projects both large and small, sensible and silly. The most recent one is on the right (or below).

And yes, I've deliberately called these sections working and playing,understanding full well the broken nature of that linguistic relationship. I even did a project around it.


I'm pretty much doing two main things right now. I'm a co founder ofScarlet, an early stage (funded) digital start up running out of theSamsung Accelerator in NYC.

I also founded a design studio, Sunday Hunches in 2015. I'm not sure what it is yet. We've made a few things physical and digital. It's early days. 

Before that I worked as a Service Designer and a Design Director at agencies and start ups in New York (and other cities around the world). Leading multidisciplinary teams designing (mostly) digital products, services and strategies from conception to market. This was for clients such as; ESPN, Harvard Medical School, Qualcomm, Citibank, Paypal and many more.